Whether you’re looking to build a new home, new commercial building or preserve a structure, turn to Behan Bros. We’re prepared to handle all facets of the project, be it as general contractor or fulfilling the duties of a construction manager. We’ve managed projects up to $30M in size. Our thirty years of expertise and five-part plan will ensure the project of your dreams goes exactly as you had hoped.



Before a single hammer is swung or stud is cut to size, Behan Bros. sits down to understand every key goal and objective of the project. By meeting with the owners, architects, designers and engineers we’re able to set clear expectations, create project parameters and form a game plan to achieve them.

This step includes:

  • Developing a schedule
  • Creating a budget
  • Conducting feasibility reviews
  • Preparing for subcontractor selection
  • Attaining formal notice to proceed


It’s sawdust time! Construction happens fast, so decisions need to be made rapidly and regular communication is essential for success. Behan Bros. holds regular meetings with all team members to update everyone on project status, challenges, and discuss any necessary actions. Additional meetings are also held weekly with subcontractors and trade labor to cover similar topics. These communications and activities are fully documented in the form of:

  • Weekly owner meeting minutes
  • Weekly subcontractor meeting minutes
  • Submittals and submittal log
  • Daily job reports with subcontractor monitoring
  • Cost reports
  • Budget status reports
  • Change tracking logs

Schedule & Cost

To error is human, which his why Behan Bros. has invested significantly in software and project tracking technology to insure nothing goes unnoticed or unaccounted for.

Some of these project tools include:

  • Scheduling using FastTrack
  • Cash flow forecasting and monitoring using CF Data Structure and Excel
  • Cost control using CF Data Structure
  • Excel GMP buyout and change order tracking log
  • AIA G702 and G703 billing format and procedures

Budget & Subcontractors

Often times, the more you know, the less you have to pay. Since Behan Bros. has it’s own trades people in framing and finish work, we have a clear understanding of current labor costs and completion times.  This, along with forty-five years of general contract work provides us with keen, clear budget insights.

We also have first call relationships with all CSI division trade subcontractors. This assists us in providing detailed constructability input beforehand, which can help lead to the lowest possible project cost.

Behan Bros. bids out the project to no fewer than three bidders for each trade. The results are collated into a Bid Table from which the owner, architect, engineer and construction manager can make the decisions.

Once selected, all subcontractors must sign the Behan Bros. subcontractor agreement form, which identifies:

  • Cost of work
  • Project plans and specifications
  • Scope review and modification parameters
  • Adherence to site rules and regulations (work hours, noise reductions and clean up requirements)


The job isn’t done until everyone is satisfied. During completion of intermediary portions of the project, punch lists are developed detailing items that need addressing, the responsible party and completion dates.

Start up and training services will also be conducted. This includes educating the owners/maintenance staff on the operation of all mechanical and electric systems. Final projects manuals will be handed will be handed over at this time. It includes:

  • Warranty information
  • Equipment manuals
  • Redline as built drawings
  • Subcontractor contact information
  • Operating manuals as required